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Travel Apps

The rapid development of social networking sites and the consequent need to be constantly connected, coupled with the technology boom in the mobile industry, it has become almost mandatory for any business to be active on mobile, and travel industry is not an exception.

The travel industry is facing a number of challenges today: There is fierce competition in the marketplace and businesses are struggling to produce innovative products that can increase their customer base. Also, with the passage of time, the need to adapt in to the mobilizing world is increasing at a staggering rate. As the world goes mobile, more and more consumers are using mobile devices to plan their tour itineraries, search for leisure and adventure activities and to get information about hot locations.

For businesses, it is worth emphasising a fact that is often not considered when deciding where to allocate app spend - tablets are rapidly replacing laptops and desktops in the home particularly for "fun" and "easy" tasks. As leisure travel surely falls into this category, designing an app for tablets might just be worth that added investment.

Many travel companies don’t want to hear that they need to invest money into yet another distribution and marketing channel, but quite simply, if your customer is searching for travel information online and your site is not optimized for mobile or you don’t have an app, then chances are they will find your competitors first.

If you are currently looking to revamp your business by integrating social media, mobile enabling your current web portal, or simply looking for a new Travel app - we, at Archimedes Services can help. We assist travel and hospitality enterprises in boosting their online and mobile presence, and to get their processes aligned with the changing consumer behaviour. Our carefully crafted solutions provide a superior user experience and lead to higher customer engagement and loyalty. The following are typical solutions we've built for our customers in the past:

  • Responsive Travel Sites: Customers are likely to be experiencing your brand on various different devices (tablet, desktop, mobile) depending where they are and what’s quickest and easiest for them at that time. A cross-device experience for the customer should, therefore, be considered. We build Online Travel solutions that can adapt to various devices to give a seamless and consistent user experience.
  • Tour itinerary kits: Offer pre-made, guided tours that offer access to rich, multimedia content about each travel destination, for example - recommended places to visit, hotels & accommodation guide and full descriptions (history, culture, people, pictures, reviews).
  • Travel Planner: Create and manage personalized trip itineraries, which guides you at every point in your trip. Reminders and alerts can trigger based on certain requirements being met (e.g. reaching a particular place, near a place of interest, closing/opening hours, event reminders)
  • Trip Journal: Share your trip details, check-ins, and photos directly to various social networks
  • Social Networks Integration: Share experience, photos, comments and more on many social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc).
  • Offline Operation: Offer downloadable content and maps that are accessible without the need to connect to the internet, and avoid roaming charges.
  • Fully searchable database: Offer fast, easily accessible content that can allow the user to discover places of interest in unique ways (browse, nearby, range, by name, by type etc).
  • Publish Offers and Attraction updates: Attraction owners and Event organisers can publish their ads and offers, which can also trigger based on positioning (SMS, QR Coupons, GPS Coupons).
  • Mobile Booking Solutions: Booking and ticketing solutions for Cinemas, Restaurants and Airlines (last-minute bookings, flight status etc.).
  • Price Comparison sites: For flights, hotels and accommodations (integration with various third party comparison databases)