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Sports Apps

Whether watching the game at home or in-stadium, checking scores on their mobile devices, or planning their next fantasy move, sports fans are always connected to their favourite teams and players.  Mobile technology is consistently finding ways to keep fans engaged.  Meanwhile, marketers are trying to find innovative ways to reach out to this emerging mobile demographic.

For sports fanatics, it is imperative to have teams and players available at the click of a button or the scroll of a ball. While a television and a computer aren't always at our disposal, a phone always is. As mobile technology matures, it is changing the way people interact with all things sports related, and most users are beginning to prefer the mobile platform. According to Juniper Research, ticket purchases for sports and other events from mobile devices are expected to rise to 15 billion by 2014.

We at Archimedes Services, cater to the large and diverse demand for sports applications and have a clear insight into the motivation behind mobile sports fans’ desire to interact with their teams, their players, their games. Here are a few of the ways we can help you in this area:

  • Mapping solutions: for example, golf apps with mapped targets per hole, full course information, tracking.
  • Radio Apps: podcasts and audio streams integration.
  • Simulation: Fantasy Football drafts, player projections, recommendations and stats.
  • Latest Scores and stats: Charts and statistics, check live scores (ball by ball commentary etc.).
  • Significant Event notifications: receive targeted play information (e.g. player got out, scored certain points etc.).
  • Instructional apps: improve your game and score, multimedia content (video/audio), lessons and guides.
  • Location-based customization: Keep mobile sports fans engaged, offer customisable Location-based content to targeted fan segments e.g. giving access to a special mobile website for fans only within the stadium; giving stadium fans concourse discounts, offering customized packages on next week’s tickets for fans at home, for fans participating with certain sponsors, or for fans currently watching the game from the fifty.
  • Ticket Sales: purchase tickets for your favourite sports teams, with detailed ticketing information e.g. venue seating locations.
  • Sports Events apps: Complete event coverage (e.g. Super bowl), information about venues, dates, scores, teams, news etc., all managed through a backend CMS and pushed to the users.