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Finance and E-Commerce Apps

With more and more people shopping online every year, it's a profitable move for any organisation to consider investing in an E-commerce solution at some point. E-commerce offers great marketing potential for any company that is interested in capitalizing on this new and fast growing marketing channel.

Our company provides multi-directional, fully integrated, highly scalable interfaces for E-Commerce transactions. We have vast experience in developing Business to Consumer/Business to Business solutions and applications that are designed to enhance the performance of your web site and offer shoppers a new and intuitive shopping experience. Whether you are just looking to invest in an e-commerce product, have decided on an enabling technology already or if you want something bespoke - we can provide you with an end to end solution.

At Archimedes, we understand the most important concept behind finance - the time value of money. Our knowledge of various financial sector domains and the experience of delivering several systems in this sector, allows us to achieve this primary goal and deliver financial solutions that are efficient, secure, provide ease of use, cost-effective and built using best of breed technology. We can assist you in developing finance and e-commerce apps for the following areas:

  • Stock Market/Trading Solutions - Algorithmic trading, Integrating market (tick data) using various APIs and vendors, high volume/real-time market data processing
  • Sales Reporting and Analysis - Sales Forecasting, Data Analysis and Conversion, Drill Down Reports, Business Intelligence
  • ERP/CRM solutions - Completely Bespoke or Turn-key Enterprise financial systems using open source tools such as SugarCRM and Compiere ERP
  • E-Commerce Strategy - Developing a business/selling model, consultancy based on your requirements
  • E-Commerce 'off-the-shelf' product integration, turn-key solutions
  • Payment Gateway integration/Secure Transactions - Merchant Services using various e-commerce solutions (PayPal, etc), Credit Card Payments
  • Shopping Carts - Integration and Customisation
  • Inventory Management/Product Catalogs
  • Targeted Ads, Selling Campaigns, Promotional activities
  • Sales Analytics - sales figures, customer demographics