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Tablet Apps Development

In the world of technology, every few years there is a paradigm shift due to emerging hardware. In the past two decades, people replaced their typewrites with desktop computers, their desktop computers with laptops and now they are replacing their laptops with their tablets.

Tablets are becoming more and more powerful with the passage of time. They have quad core processors, ample memory, high resolution screens, are portable and light which makes them easy to carry around and very easy to use.

Users are finding their productivity increasing, Featured Case Study:We recently ported Regtransfers iPhone version to the iPad platform. Regtransfers HD
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beyond what they could even imagine previously. People used to have huge stacks of books, music CDs and DVDs at home, and now they have access to everything on the go - their favorite newspapers, magazines, TV shows, series, films and music.

Our Tablet application development team consists of developers, project managers, designers, UX experts and software test engineers. iPad application development , Blackberry Playbook application development and Android application development are supported by our end to end delivery process. Our team has the ability to guide you right from the stage of conceptualization to creating a winning tablet application and finally getting it into various stores.

Our highly knowledgeable Tablet UX experts are equipped to take advantage of tablet features like the large screen real estate, design patterns and conventions (pop-over interface elements, navigation drawers, higher screen resolution, faster processing etc.). If you are looking to port your app to the tablet platform, we can optimise your existing app by reusing UI elements and integrating unique dynamic layouts that will adjust the content presented to the user based on the platform it is installed on, and not just re-hashing the existing UI. The result will be a single, universal app without the need to maintain multiple code-bases.