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iPhone Apps Development

Archimedes started iPhone applications development a couple of years back, when the mobile revolution was just starting to take place. Our iPhone designers, developers, project coordinators and testers are adept at getting the right balance between client’s vision, user experience, technical capabilities and expectations, as well as challenges and possibilities in an iPhone product. We are fully aware of the limitations of a mobile platform and the scare resources available, and can guide you about any pitfalls and feasibility issues in your strategy. With this mind-set and knowledge, our engineers can produce meticulously crafted apps that push the performance of your app beyond its' limits.

Our seasoned iPhone experts and designers, use the most innovative tool kits and platforms to make our applications truly stand out. Some of those tool kits include native Accelerometer and GPS, Quartz, OpenGL ES, Unity 3D Engine, Cocos2d Engine, CFNetwork Programming, Media Player Framework, Newsstand support, RPC XMLFramework, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Core Graphics, Core Location Framework, WebKit Programming, iCloud Storage, Core Audio, Core Animation, Cocoa Touch ⁄ Xcode IDE, Threading, and Stream Programming. We regularly use open source frameworks to customise the look and feel of apps with unconventional look and feel requirements, reuse quality components and accelerate development.

We also understand that just having technical skills alone doesn’t make for a great application. We can take your idea for your app off the drawing board (or the back of a napkin!) and onto the App store - but that isn't enough. With thousands of apps released every day, your app needs that certain edge to stand out. We have developed numerous iPhone apps over the years, and are aware of the apple iPhone SDK UI/UX design guidelines, best practices, conventions, latest trends and the the whole end to end process - from inception to the Apple App store deployment process. We will guide you while creating a top seller for you. Our dedicated teams and resources will ensure your app saves you both time and money, while accomplishing the goals it was designed for.