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Enterprise & Desktop Apps Development

Archimedes Services started out as an enterprise apps development company, deploying cutting edge, cost-effective, and robust solutions using Java and .NET technologies. Over the years, we've accumulated technical and business domain expertise for diverse verticals, including Finance and e-Commerce, Healthcare, Education, Bespoke Product Development and Mobility.

In our experience, clients are always on the lookout to enhance their company's performance and maximise return on investments. Company CIOs choose turn-key solutions that cater to most of the business requirements and problems. With the presence of companywide diverse, disparate and legacy technologies, it's becoming increasingly difficult to integrate off the shelf products because they require significant additional costs for implementation, configuration and customisation. More often than not, companies require automation of complex, proprietary processes, which makes the turn-key software acquisition decision a daunting task.

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to address the client's specific business needs, to enable smooth and effective management of various flows and processes, and to simplify them - enabling them to reduce their immediate and future (maintenance) costs. Clients need not change the way they work - rather, the software is customised in line with their business practises. This is achieved through our time-tested development methodologies, best practises, knowledge of latest technologies and expertly trained resources - which allows us to quickly and efficiently create high-quality products and services for large and medium-sized businesses. We carefully analyse our client's most complex problems, and keep in view the principles of scalability, interoperability and responsive design.

Service Areas

Archimedes Services offers a full range of services in developing desktop, embedded and enterprise applications using .NET, Java , PHP and RoR technologies. Our end-to-end delivery capabilities include migration from legacy systems and technologies, enterprise application integration. We use Industry de-facto standards and methodologies to deliver enterprise solutions for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and corporate companies.

Desktop Applications

We build high performance desktop based apps and components that are customisable, feature rich, and easily deployable across a range of platforms.

  • Plugins and Extensions (Browsers, Windows Widgets, Office, Outlook)
  • Client/Server solutions
  • Head-less applications (servers)
  • API integration Wrappers
  • Standalone, Native UI applications
  • Setup/installer apps and demos
  • Cross platform applications (using GTK+, vxWidgets, and QT)
  • Voip apps Development (PBX systems, Asterisk, IVRs, GSM modem Text Messaging, Voice Recognition, SIP/IAX communications)
  • Streaming Video and Audio systems (ffmpeg, custom stream post/pre-processing, XMBC and Gstreamer)
  • HTTP Streaming and Broadcasting (Cross platform including mobile devices, Red5, Wowza)
  • Cross Browser Video Playback solutions

Cloud Based Applications

One of our core expertise at Archimedes Services is cloud based development. We have the experience of deploying a range of cloud based solutions for various front-ends including desktop, web and mobile.

  • Consultancy - educating the client on the best cloud platform that's suitable for their product. We take into consideration various factors such as scalability, maturity, cost, growth figures, bandwidth and database sizing, concurrent users, and customer staff training needs (for maintenance purposes).
  • Migration Strategies - roadmaps and guides on how we'll move the existing infrastructure and deployments onto the cloud.
  • Cloud Platforms - expertise across a host of Cloud platforms and APIs (Azure, AWS, Rackspace), formulation of cost-vs-benefit and pros/cons reports, Content Delivery Networks
  • Quick Backends, BaaS (Backends as a Service) - If you are looking to quickly integrate backends into your mobile/Web apps, we can deploy solutions in the cloud using popular frameworks and services available today (Apccelerator,, Stackmob)

Enterprise Applications

Archimedes Services develops scalable, secure, reliable and easily deployable solutions for corporate environments that take full advantage of the existing infrastructure, and can also design a custom setup based on requirements and recommendations.

  • High Volume Data Processing (Data mining and transformation, Number crunching)
  • Big Data, Indexing and search solutions (Google News type solutions)
  • Parallel/Distributed Processing (Multi-Node distributed tasks and results collation)
  • Corporate Dashboards (Dynamic Charts and Widgets, Data integration from heterogeneous sources)
  • High volume event Correlation solutions
  • Real-time solutions (For example, computing the average stock price of company tick on a sliding window of 20 seconds)
  • Content/Document Management Solutions
  • Business Process Management
  • CRM and ERP solutions
  • SOA and SaaS Architectures
  • Middleware solutions (including legacy)
  • Integration and legacy Migration
  • Intranet Portals
  • Application Modernisation
  • Legacy code migration / porting to new technologies
  • Open source Application Development (Third Party API integaration and customisation)
  • Security Solutions (PKI frameworks, Single Signon, OAuth, CAS, Radius)
  • Infrastructure planning (Consulting, sizing, deployment, configuration, management tools, hardware specfications)
  • Internationalisation/Localisation
  • Performance Analysis, optimisation and Tuning