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Android Apps Development

The Android platform has seen astronomical growth over the past few years. There was a time when Android devices represented just a fraction of the sales of the iPhone. Now the sales of Android phones are 4 times bigger than the iPhone’s, globally, with a market share of 68% vs 17%. Recently, a research company IHS announced that Android will exceed 1 billion total devices in 2013.

Archimedes Services has been one of the early adopters of this platform, and we developed our first app back in 2007 when the first Android G1 device was released. Our Mobile experts have had years of experience in this area and are fully conversant with various components of the Android Software Development kit, for example: Location–based Service APIs, Google Cloud Messaging, OpenGL, Wi–Fi APIs, Android Media APIs, 3D graphics, Custom Themes development, Launcher APIs, Bluetooth, Security, App Widgets API and may more.

In addition, our engineers are extremely knowledgeable on the fragmentation issues in the Android Platform. In developing a host of applications, we've devised a number of strategies and best practises to come up with solutions that scale gracefully dealing with device hardware inconsistences and adapting to multiple screen resolutions, resulting in a seamless user experience on diversified hardware platforms. The apps are also backwards compatible with a host of legacy operating systems (even down to 2.1 Eclair), without loss of functionality and aesthetics. The end result is a product that does not require constant maintenance updates and avoids negative feedback.

Whether you are looking for complex, n-tier client/server business applications or exciting multimedia apps and games, with Archimedes Services, you are assured of applications that will garner rave reviews.