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As every new dev would dream about is landing into a new project and start learning new things, working around with code, grasping the main theory of Android Framework. My start wasn’t even near to it. Almost every dev considers the task which is related to layout designing a piece of cake and are never interested in learning this dimension of the application. This was my beginning.

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Mobile devices are growing increasingly popular, and with them, mobile apps. Whether you have an Android, iPhone or Windows, you can most likely find an application for just about anything that you can think of. After all, consumers are told that no matter what they are looking for, there’s an app for that. However, most consumers aren’t aware of mobile websites and the efforts that go into creating one. While most mobile phones and tablets can handle existing websites that are commonplace on the internet, the usability is limited. Thus, responsive web design standards have been developed over time to offer a scaled down, optimal and mobile friendly versions of the sites with features that can be utilized by these portable devices.

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Agile is a user-centric development process that focuses on delivering systems that meet dynamic business requirements Agile is designed to not only cope but welcome changing requirements . It is efficient because it builds quality into it’s processes. The customer gives up some certainty about scope and cost.  In return, they get quality, value for money and visible progress . All parties benefit from the open collaboration and transparency fostered by Agile processes.