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Hire Java Developers

We Develop Enterprise Software

At Archimedes, Java is a staple platform that is being used to develop most of the enterprise class software. Java is one of our core strengths, and we've made use of it in a number of business applications. These include Taxi Booking Systems, e-Commerce Applications, Custom CMS and Workflow Systems, Video Sharing/Streaming Platforms, Staff Roster Management Systems, and other software that required robustness, scalability, security and high performance.

Our staff consists of highly experienced Architects, Designers, Senior Developers and Analysts who have successfully deployed large and complex systems for our clients.

Taxi Booking System

Why hire Java developers @ Archimedes?

  • Our staff not only have expertise in Core Java, but a host of libraries, frameworks, servers and platforms
  • We regularly make of use of mature, Open Source software, such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Quartz, ApacheMQ and other libraries on github to reduce development time
  • Our highly skilled engineers have been developing Java software for over 8 years, and are equally competent with legacy technologies as well as the latest trends and bleeding edge frameworks
  • All of our engineers have 2:1 computing degrees from prestigious universites
  • Our hiring process involves both technical and analytical competency tests to ensure we only hire the best talent for you
  • Our resources aren't just mentored from a technical point of view - we also instill business acumen to ensure they understand the reason why the software is being developed, and to gain an appreciation of the client's vision
  • Every developer follows our development processes very carefully, and is in the habit of continuously testing and integrating their own modules
  • Our developers follow AGILE principles, which helps us in ensuring that no 'big bang' incidents happen, when it comes to meeting expectations

How does a Java developer work @ Archimedes?

When a java developer or team starts work on your project, a project coordinator is also assigned to manage the resources. The project coordinator is technical enough to provide assistance to both the client and developers. The coordinator also acts as project liaison and handles all communications throughout the project lifecycle.

Summary of the development process
  • Specifying engagement duration
  • Normal working hours: 40 hours per week (excluding weekends) - extended hours option also available
  • Flexible meeting/reporting schedule: daily or bi weekly is recommended, but depends on client/project needs
  • Meetings can be held through Skype or Phone calls
  • Client-Developer collaboration is done through our in-house project management portal
  • Developers use in-house Source control repository to ensure parallel development and for disaster recovery. You own the source and all intellectual property rights
  • Developers follow best practices set forth by the architects to ensure quality is maintained throughout the development life cycle
  • Workforce can be increased based on project needs, flexible model
  • Weekly or Monthly billing options