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Hire iPhone Developers

We bring the Future to your Fingertips

We've been developing iOS applications since 2008, and have numerous successful products on the appstore. Our developers are adept at creating solutions for both the iPhone and iPad platforms and are fully aware of the iOS UI/UX guidelines. Typical projects that we work on using iOS technology include Client/Server Systems, Payment solutions (Paypal Mobile, InApp purchases), Gaming and Entertainment Apps, Video Streaming, Bespoke Social Platforms, Online Gaming, Location based Features (find restaurants, museusm etc around me), Augmented Reality, Optical Character Recognition, Computer Vision and other software that requried us to leverage the iOS platform.

Our staff consists of highly experienced Architects, Mobile UX/UI Experts, Senior Developers, iOS Technology/Domain Experts and Analysts who have delivered sophisticated apps for our clients worldwide.

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Why hire iPhone developers @ Archimedes?

  • In addition to Core iOS SDK, our developers make regular use of time-tested libraries, frameworks, servers and platforms
  • We often use mature, Open Source libraries and components on github to reduce development time (e.g. cocoacontrols)
  • Our highly skilled engineers are fully up to speed with the latest iOS technologies such as InApp Purchases, Maps SDK, Hardware interaction (GPS, Bluetooth, Gyroscope etc), Core Data, MVC Architecture, Multitasking, Push Notifications, Media Framework, Universal App techniques, and End to End appstore distribution process including adhoc / beta testing using TestFlight
  • All of our engineers have 2:1 computing degrees from prestigious universites
  • Our hiring process involves both technical and analytical competency tests to ensure we only hire the best talent for you
  • Our resources aren't just mentored from a technical point of view - we also instill business acumen to ensure they understand the reason why the software is being developed, and to gain an appreciation of the client's vision
  • Every developer follows our development processes very carefully, and is in the habit of continuously testing and integrating their own modules
  • Our developers follow AGILE principles, which helps us in ensuring that no 'big bang' incidents happen, when it comes to meeting expectations

How does an iPhone developer work @ Archimedes?

When an iPhone developer or team starts work on your project, a project coordinator is also assigned to manage the resources. The project coordinator is technical enough to provide assistance to both the client and developers. The coordinator also acts as project liaison and handles all communications throughout the project lifecycle.

Summary of the development process
  • Specifying engagement duration
  • Normal working hours: 40 hours per week (excluding weekends) - extended hours option also available
  • Flexible meeting/reporting schedule: daily or bi weekly is recommended, but depends on client/project needs
  • Meetings can be held through Skype or Phone calls
  • Client-Developer collaboration is done through our in-house project management portal
  • Developers use in-house Source control repository to ensure parallel development and for disaster recovery. You own the source and all intellectual property rights
  • Developers follow best practices set forth by the architects to ensure quality is maintained throughout the development life cycle
  • Workforce can be increased based on project needs, flexible model
  • Weekly or Monthly billing options