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Client: Traveltrot
Project: London/NY Museum Finder iPhone apps

Case Study
Demo Video

The Challenge

Traveltrot approached Archimedes Services for the development of a tourist guide iPhone app, specifically aimed at discovering museums and attractions in London and New York. They also wanted a bespoke backend content management system to manage various content items such as attraction details, multimedia, bulk uploads, ratings administration etc.


The Solution


One of the major challenges faced when developing this app was that the application not only had to work in the online mode, but also when there was no internet connectivity available. All the content, including maps were made to work in an offline manner. Tourists could use the app while on the move, without incurring significant roaming charges. The app features downloadable offline maps, and content synchronisation with the backend when internet connectivity is available. Users can search for museums either by browsing the top rated list, entering keywords or just letting the app recommend museums around their current location. The backend communications server is highly scalable, and able to serve thousands of concurrent requests. The Content management system allows management of the museum content, as well as offering a bulk uploading mechanism using excel files.


The Result


The app had a smooth launch and was highly appreciated by the tourist community. Thanks to the Social networking APIs integrated into the app, viral marketing was a cinch. The application was so popular, that we were asked to develop another version for the New York city. Since the overall system was very flexible, it was leveraged to develop a customised version for the NY city within a matter of days.