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Strategic Financial Publishing

Client: Strategic Financial Publishing
Project: website

Case Study
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The Challenge

With the recession hitting jobs hard in 2009, leading to massive job cuts, SFP wanted to develop a Web 2.0 enterprise solution to aid job seekers. The main goal was 'user friendliness', so that even the most non-technical of users could easily use the site to find jobs without going through a lot of hoops. When SFP contracted Archimedes Services to develop thier solution, some of the site modules were already present in rudimentary form, and the site was left in a state of disarray with most of the functionality not working according to specs. The previous contractor left the project in the middle; unfortunately there was no documentation, the site had many bugs and technical issues, so domain transfer was not possible.


The Solution


The architecture of the app was completely re-designed from the ground up, incorporating best of breed technologies for the faster delivery of content. Search engine optimisation was improved and cross linking ensured that employee profiles and the data associated e.g. skills, technologies, experience etc were visible instantly through search engines. The Site supported virtual tags, for e.g. location tags would further allow search engine crawlers to locate candidate profiles, similar to how some dating sites work, like Various online resume templates were made available, and the site used OpenOffice in a headless mode to provide resume transformation services such as pdf, html etc. For ease of registration and to encourage sign ups, facebook logon was also implemented. The web interface was revamped in line with the latest web 2.0 design guidelines, and a new theme was developed for the site, incorporating features such as ajax, social tagging etc. Fast searching was made possible using Apache Lucene, with full text indexing. The site also featured professional profile pages, similar to linked-in, with a perosnalised URL.

The Result


SFP were impressed with the results acheived through the site - traffic started increasing gradually and steadily. Even though the market was saturated with a number of job boards, the features incorporated into the application gave an edge to product in offering an all encompassing solution for both employers and candidates.


More screenshots


A few more screensshots showcasing Resumelocker's various features.