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Client: Regtransfers
Project: iPad and Android apps

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Case Study
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The Challenge

Regtransfers chose to work with Archimedes Services to replicate their existing iPhone app to the iPad and Android platforms, in order to expand their existing user base. Regtransfers is one of the leading companies in the UK for all things related to number plate registrations, whether you're after customised number plates or advice on the marketing, branding and investment for private number plates.


The Solution


When developing the Android application, Archimedes Services ensured that that the company branding was applied very carefully, and the the look and feel/behaviour were faithfully replicated, including the interactive plate customisation engine. The application works without any issues on a number of android devices. The iPad user interface was completely redesigned to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. Both applications involved extensive interfacing with Regtransfers' server webservices.


The Result


Both applications assisted Regtransfers in extending their offering to a wider audience, for instance the android app has been downloaded around 20,000 times since its release. The apps have rasied their brand recognition awareness; in addition, this strategy enabled them to increase their sales as well. The users can now search and order personalised number plates on the go, on a variety of devices.