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Zumbos' Early Learning

Client: PlatinumApps
Project: Zumbos' Early Learning Android App

Case Study
Demo Video

The Challenge

Tablets have been an ideal platform for education related apps since their inception, since they are fast replacing paper based medium. PlatinumApps had an idea to develop an app for preschool children. The concept was based on the fact that young children want to touch, hear, and test things for themselves. They learn by experiencing and by doing. PlatinumApps approached Archimedes Services to see how their idea can be turned into reality.


The Solution


The app features a tracing mechanism, whereby a figure (letter, number or shape) is presented, directional guides are placed on the figures to prompt the children to trace the paths using strokes to complete the figure. One of the more complex modules in this feature was the writing recognition engine. It had to be robust yet forgiving in nature, such that it would provide the tolerance required to detect a wide range of mistake patterns, usually made by younger children, as they would often make unpredictable and wavering strokes when tracing the figures. This was overcome by incorporating algorithms that catered for the drift, margins and thresholds when the strokes were being drawn. A reward system was also incorporated into the app, to give the children an incentive to keep on learning and provides an immersive experience. Since children have a short attention span, the app was developed keeping this in mind - a bright coloured theme, appreciative/encouraging sounds and smooth animations help to capture the interest of the children. They keep on guessing about what comes next!


The Result


The application achieved its' goal of making education fun using a rewarding learning experience. The touchscreen audio visual feedback mechanism keeps children engaged and they are eager to learn through an interactive experience. The application teaches young children essential skills that will set the base for higher education. In addition, the drawing and detection engine is so flexible, localising the application to other languages for e.g. chinese (which has over 4000 characters) can be done within a mere few days.