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Platinum Tasks

Client: PlatinumApps
Project: Platinum Tasks Android App

Case Study
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The Challenge

PlatinumApps selected Archimedes Services to design and develop a task management application targeted at Android Tablet users. They also wanted a unique user experience and to connect the app with Google Tasks.


The Solution


The application was developed at a time when android tablets had just gone into production, and the only product available at the time was Motorola Xoom. Archimedes Services had to quickly learn and adapt to the app development guidelines and techniques for Google's flagship tablet operating system, Honeycomb. The large screen real estate was fully utilised to develop a heavily customised look and feel, a beautiful and intuitive user interface, a native tablet experience, and leveraging features like fragment animations/split design, drag and drop, menu placements etc. The Google Tasks API was still in beta, and throughout the development of the app, a lot of challenges had to be faced due to the constant influx of bugs emanating from the Google Tasks backend. In the end, Google Tasks was fully integrated with the app, providing users with bi-directional syncing of their tasks lists. The architecture was optimised to allow for a responsive and robust application, using background processing techniques.

The Result


The application since its' launch has garnered high praise on various review sites. The app is attracting a wide audience - from people who require a simple to-do list to executives who want to manage that all-important project. With the ability to set reminders and widget views, the users will never miss important assignments, meetings or anniversaries!