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Platinum AirHockey

Client: PlatinumApps
Project: Platinum AirHockey

Case Study
Demo Video

The Challenge

PlatinumApps wanted to delve into the mobile gaming arena. They had an idea for developing a game that would appeal to a wide range of users, from children to adults. The main goal was to take advantage of the (at the time) new Android Tablet platform.


The Solution


The time to market this application was very strict, hence the application was developed using best of breed, open source frameworks to save time and focus on the more important business goals. The application offers spectacular graphics and blazing speed, thanks to the android native OpenGL framework. The Box2D framework was used for accurate collision detections, motion, and physics logic. The app allows users to play solo against the AI, head to head on the same device, or using wifi (LAN) multiplayer using two devices.

The Result


Platinum AirHockey turned out to be a very approachable and fun game for all ages. With over 15,000 plus downloads, its popularity is increasing with each passing day.