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Client: PlatinumApps
Project: facedroid Android App

Case Study
Demo Video

The Challenge

Before the advent of the mobile revolution, Facebook was already enjoying its' place as the premiere social network, and is responsible for the fall of many other social networks. When the smartphone market exploded back in 2007, no other network could match the runaway success of facebook. PlatinumApps decided to tap into this large user base, especially when existing official facebook app on the android market was unstable and not very useful. They selected Archimedes Services to design and develop a bespoke facebook app for Android devices.


The Solution


facedroid provides a native experience for facebook on tablets and phones. It takes full advantage of the facebook API, has been architected from the ground up for performance, and is intended as a replacement to the official android facebook app. It’s an easy to use, intuitive and fun application designed specifically for the android platform, and is optimised for various screen sizes - whether you are running on tablets or phones. facedroid also includes real-time chat, native photo and video uploads, pull to refresh, a gorgeous widget, filtering capabilities, real-time notifications, content caching and much more.


The Result

Since its' launch last year, the app has been ported to multiple platforms including 7" devices like the Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire and the phone platform, and deployed to a number of stores including google play, samsungapps, and amazon market. The application has a popular following and has been getting positive reviews worldwide, from critics and individuals alike.


More screenshots


A few more screensshots showcasing facedroid's various features.