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Client: Hoopsworld
Project: Android and iPhone Apps


The Challenge

Hoopsworld wanted to provide their customers targetted and concise information while providing a native application experience. The goal was to create an attractive application that appealed to the masses, with easily accessible information pulled in from their website.


The Solution


The application can pull in various content items from the website, including latest news, scores, headlines etc and also allows users to search past news articles. The user interface was designed with accessibility in mind, and pinch zooming/panning features were implemented to browse the rich content, which adjusted based on the orientation of the device. In addition, the company branding was applied throughout the application when creating the theme. Both the iPhone and Android application had the same look and feel, and exhibited the same features. Flurry analytics were integrated into the app to capture browsing data and interactions. In addition, the sharing features allowed users to publish content on various social networks.


The Result


Both applications have been well received, and Hoopsworld were impressed with the functionality of the app, as well as the turnaround time for the delivery of the applications. The applications have allowed Hoopsworld to better market their website and expand their customer base. Flurry analytics assisted the customer in improving the quality of the content based on the browsing patterns of the users. The application also leveraged the social networking features for viral marketing.