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Fantasy Draft Genie

Client: Fantasy Draft Genie LLC
Project: Fantasy Draft Genie App

Case Study
Demo Video

The Challenge

The client was looking to get a drafting app developed for the upcoming 2011 Fantasy Football season. They approached Archimedes when their previous developer bailed out on them. The goal was to build a totally dynamic and updateable solution using a backend. Since time was of the essence, and with no prior knowledge of fantasy football mechanics, the challenge was to produce a usable, quality drafting app subject to an aggressive schedule.


The Solution


Our dev team came up to speed with the business domain of the project relatively quickly. The client also had a complex, proprietary drafting algorithm in the form of formulas and parameters in an excel sheet, which were translated and incorporated into the app backend. Since time was scarce, the excel sheet was used as a database for the backend, allowing the client to tweak the algortihm remotely. The backend had a highly scalable design, able to handle hundreds of parallel connections.

The Result


Even though Fantasy Draft Genie was one of the most sophisticated draft tools on the market, it was designed as a user friendly app for fantasy football owners of all skill levels and experience. In addition to the built in recommendation engine for draft selectios, the app also allowed users to customise the league’s roster and scoring settings. The system was deployed well before the season, and we were able to meet the accelerated timeline dictated by the needs of the client.