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Our People

Our people have a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds with one thing in common: they are exceptional problem solvers and are passionate about having a profound impact on the world.

We hire exceptional individuals available from the local talent pool, having first class computer science degree from one of the best universities. More often than not, they have attained professional certifications, and they also undergo our in-house training sessions for cutting edge and emerging platforms such as iPhone and Android. They have the abilities to take on important roles that consists of Architect, Project Manager, Developer, UI/UX expert and Technical writer.

Our people are not only passionate about software development, but also know that the business drives technology and not the other way around. We treat people who know less than us with respect, deference, and patience - whether communicating amongst ourselves or with our clients.

Our people know the value of working collaboratively in a team, as that usually brings the better answers and creates an ego-less programming environment.

We aspire to help our people realize their full potential so that they may keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technologies, and this in turn helps us in acquiring the range of expertise we need to tackle our clients’ most complex problems.