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Custom Software Development Services

Archimedes is a leading mobile app and software development company that offers reliable and cost effective software outsourcing options to its clientele world-wide. We provide custom software development services for a wide variety of platforms - mobile apps to web applications to middleware and desktop software, we do it all and more.

We design, build, and manage our clients' software applications so they can focus on growing their business.

Android Apps Development

Archimedes is at the forefront of Android applications development. Our in-house teams of experts can produce professional looking apps with a fast turnaround time. We are well aware of the fragmentation issues inherent within the platform, and the techniques to resolve them so that the apps will look and behave the same on a multitude of devices.

iPhone Apps Development

Archimedes has the experience of developing sophisticated, yet useful iPhone applications. Our experts aid you from inception to marketing, and all phases in between. You as the client, need not worry about the technical aspects; you just need to draw up the business direction/benefits for your product and participate in the feedback process.

Web 2.0 Apps Development

Archimedes designs and develops complex, rich internet applications that take advantage of the latest Web 2.0 trends. Using these web techniques, we can rapidly deploy interactive solutions that deliver a quality user experience, that once required native windows application development expertise. Our web experts can integrate features such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Social networks Integration, Responsive design, collaborative portals and personalisation, media sharing/streaming into your web product.

Tablet Apps Development

Tablets are rapidly blurring the line between laptops and full fledged desktops. Archimedes has delivered a number of successful projects helping corporates and organisation to fulfil their strategic mobility goals and in the process, realising their ROI targets by reducing costs. Whether you are looking for simplistic magazine apps for your publishing business, or intricate mission-critical/realtime client-server apps, we do it all, and more.

Mobile Web Apps Development

Archimedes can apply their web development expertise to the mobile platform as well, creating apps that can adjust to various browsers (desktop/mobile), delivering the same look 'n feel and thus providing a cohesive end user experience. In addition, we can introduce native/hybrid elements to interact with the underlying mobile hardware (gps, camera etc).

Enterprise Apps Development

Whether you are looking to port your legacy platform to the latest cutting edge cloud/SOA/B2B architectures, require real-time/mission critical systems, or just want a rich internet application - Archimedes can assist your business by creating scalable and secure turn-key or bespoke solutions.